J&M Seed Tenders

When you strive for great yields, you have to start from the beginning. J&M premier seed tenders are the solution to make seed transport easy, while protecting your seed investment. Find out how a quality seed tender from J&M can save you time and money on your farm.

J&M Bulk Seed Tenders

290 Seed Units (290 Cubic Feet) 390 Seed Units (390 Cubic Feet) 535 Seed Units (535 Cubic Feet)
22' X-tra Long Tube Conveyor 8" Tube 22’ X-tra Long Tube Conveyor 8” Tube 24.5’ X-tra Long Tube Conveyor 10” Tube
Conveyor w/V-Belt 30 Bushels/Min Conveyor w/V-Belt 30 Bushels/Min Conveyor w/V-Belt 45 Bushels/Min
Two (2) 7,000 lb. Torsion-Flex Axles Three (3) 7,000 lb. Torsion-Flex Axles Two (2) 16,000 lb. Dual Wheel
Electric Brakes Electric Brakes Spring Ride w/Electric Brakes
2 LED Work Lights 2 LED Work Lights 2 LED Work Lights

LC Series Seed Delivery System
Larger Capacity • Lower Center of Gravity • Luxury Controls • Longer Conveyor

The new LC Series Speed Tenders offer improved features to maximize your planting efficiency. The improved tank and support arm design features a large capacity tank with lower overall height, allowing you to carry more seed with a lower center of gravity while also making it easier to fill and more stable to transport over uneven terrain.

The longer conveyor with large diameter round tube belt design makes it easy to reach the tallest central fill and widest box row planters. Our patented Tru-Trak with V-Belt conveyor is designed to reduce seed damage and premature wear on the conveyor belt due to misalignment.

 Luxury Controls are standard with all J&M SpeedTenders, allowing the operator to easily place the conveyor into the unload or self-fill positions and gives greater flexibility when using the conveyor as a stand alone unit to unload adjacent gravity wagons.

X-tra Long Conveyor with Tru-Trak™ V-Belt

The c4•50, LC290 and LC390 models feature an extra

long 22 ft conveyor as standard equipment, while the

LC535 features a 24 ½ ft long conveyor. The standard

extra conveyor length offers greater reach and height,

allowing you to reach the widest and tallest planters. The unique

conveyor design features a patented V-guided belt that is positioned

in a recessed portion of the end rollers to ensure the belt remains centered,

reducing the need for adjustment  and minimizing the chance of seed damage and premature wear on the belt caused by misalignment.

The V-guide design also eliminates the chance of the belt “walking back and forth”, which is a common occurrence in competitor conveyor

designs that can lead to misalignment, reduced belt life and added maintenance expense. Because the Tru-Trak belt consistently stays in

alignment, the skirting at the top of the conveyor can be designed with a more precise fit that reduces the potential for seed damage and

collecting debris in the clean-out area.

TA1200 Features Standard Option
1200 Gallon Tank
Independent Rubber-Cushioned Axel Suspension
140 Gallon Rinse System
2" Quick Fill

NEW! The Most Advanced Remote & Indicator

The new WC3-D indicator with built-in on-board controller and multi-function remote control allows the operator more control than ever before. The remote gives you the ability to auto dispense door 1 or door 2 when transporting multiple seed varieties, both doors at the same time for a quick unload, or alternate between door 1 and 2 to unload the tender evenly for a stable load during transport. The new remote can speed up the conveyor for fast unloads or slow down the conveyor to gently transfer easily damaged seeds. The talc speed can also be managed wirelessly or with the on-board controller at an output rate of 1/2 to 40 cups per minute, while being dispensed proportionately to the speed of the conveyor to reduce talc waste. Take the control even further with engine start and stop, wireless tarp control and auto bin tracking. For the most advanced indicator and remote in the industry, choose the J&M WC3-D indicator and remote.


• Super Sized LCD Remote Screen

• Remote Auto Dispense
   • Select Door 1 or Door 2
   • Select Both Doors at Once
   • Select Alternate Doors (Safer Transport)
• Auto Bin Tracking

• Remote Conveyor Control
   • Speed-up Conveyor for Fast Unloads
   • Slow Conveyor for Easily Damaged Seeds
• Remote Talc Speed Control from 1/2 to 40 Cups/Min
• Wireless Engine Start/Stop
• Auto Bin Tracking

J&M Economy Seed Tenders

270 Seed Units (270 Cubic Feet)
19’ Auger 7” Diameter
16 Bushels/Min
Two (2) 7,000 lb. Torsion-Flex Axles
Electric Brakes
When the Essentials are All You Need!

J&M’s new EC270 SpeedTender™ gives you all the essentials you need for a fast and efficient planting season. The 270 cubic feet capacity bulk tank utilizes separate dual compartments and manual doors to easily change from one seed variety to another. The low profile tank makes filling easier and transporting more stable, even over uneven terrain. The 7” diameter unloading auger with poly-cup interior flighting is designed with an industry exclusive “bottom-less pit” design, reducing the cracking rate of seed to a minimal 0.00025%. A reliable, direct drive, 4.8 hp Honda electric start engine is conveniently located on the driver’s side of the auger for easy operations and routine maintenance. A standard wired controller starts and stops the auger. The sturdy under carriage frame is supported by two 7,000 lbs suspension axles with electric brakes and 235/85R16 tires. The A-Frame front hitch with 2 5/16” ball and safety chains is standard, while an optional gooseneck hitch is also available. A patent pending Glide Right roll tarp design keeps the roll tube aligned, making it easier to open and close. The over tarp tension cable maintains a tight seal during windy over the road transport while also keeping your seed safe and dry during storage. When the essentials are all you need, the EC270 SpeedTender delivers!




• 270 Cubic Feet Capacity with dual compartments
• 7” Diameter Auger with Poly-Cup Plastic Flighting
• Industry Exclusive “Bottom-less Pit” Auger design significantly reduces seed breakage to 0.00025%
• Manual Door Openers, Auger Swing and Height Positioning
• Patent Pending Glide Right Roll Tarp design for easy opening and closing
• Two 7,000 lbs suspension axles with 235/85R16 tires
• 4.8 HP Honda Electric Start Engine
• Front and Rear Auger Storage

• Gooseneck Hitch in place of standard A-Frame Hitch
• 3-Stage Telescoping Spout or 36” Rubber Spout
• Aluminum Wheels in place of standard wheels
• Licensing Package (includes license plate bracket and VIN number decal and Certificate of Origin)
• 5 Point Scale System
• Lundell Talc Applicator

Efficient & Gentle Poly-Cupped Auger
Our poly-cupped auger system is designed to be gentle on your seed for minimum seed damage and maximum germination results.

J&M Pro Box Seed Tenders

J&M Speed Tender Pro 250 or 450

Designed with your seed needs in mind, the J&M SpeedTender Pro™ 2•50 and 4•50

are capable of transporting two and four respectively, 50 unit seed boxes with ease.

Our poly-cupped auger system is designed to be gentle on your seed for minimum

damage and maximum germination results. The tall auger height allows you to easily fill your bulk seed tank, while the 3-stage telescoping spout gives you the reach

necessary when transferring seed to the widest planter boxes.

All ofther SpeedTender Pro 2•50 and 4•50 units feature a rugged dual axle chassis

with standard A-frame or optional gooseneck design. The electronic weigh system is designed for extreme accuracy when unloading. Standard two-function wired or optional wireless remote control available.




J&M Speed Tender Pro 250 or 450 Standard Option
2 or 4 Box
Poly Cupped Auger
Scale - Ready
11 HP Honda Elec Start
Optional Scale and Talc

J&M Conveyor Pro Box Tenders

• 22’ X-tra Long 8” Conveyor
• On Board Controller
• Four-Function Wired Remote
• 11 HP Honda Engine
• Attached Metal Weather Tight Lids
• Convenient Open Engine Placement
• Easy-To-Use Locking Container Latches
• Trouble Free Guide Plates for Easy

Other Options Available:
• Wireless Remote
• Talc Applicator
• Programmable Scale
• Working Lights for Night Time
• Divided Hopper for Quick and   
   Easy Variety Changes

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