Dry Spreaders - Lime / Fertilizer

Do more with one piece of equipment! The Loftness L1230 is ideal for spreading lime, and can also be used for fertilizer applications. This model is variable-rate ready and has 41 inch frame clearance for row crop use. Do it all with the L1230 Loftness spreader!

Loftness L1230 12-Ton Spreader


Suit Your Spraying Needs to a “T” with the Top Air TA1200 Premier T-Tank Sprayer!

Automatic Height Control Option

Steerable Hitch Option

ISO Ready – Raven Option

In-Cab Agitation Control Standard

Multiple Tire/Track Options – See the chart on the right to see the difference Duals can make!

Chemical Eductor Option
Foam Marker Option

Fence Row Nozzles Standard

Stainless Steel Boom Plumbing Standard

Booms Have Dual-spray widths (80’ – 60’; 90’ – 60’; 100’ – 60’; 120’ – 90’; 132’ – 88’)

Loftness L1230 Dry Spreader Features
Separate Chassis, Hopper and Drive
40’ to 90’ Fertilizer Spread Pattern & 20’ to 60’ Lime Spread Pattern
Variable Rate Ready
24” Belt Over Chain Conveyor
Optional Steerable Hitch
Optional Dual Wheels
Adjustable Row Spacing - 80” to 120”
Optional Row Spacing - 90” to 152”
Integral Scale Option
41 inch Frame Clearance

apply lime on time with a new combo lime/fertilizer spreader