Summers Rock Pickers

Work smart, not hard! Summers Rock Pickers will make your rock picking easy. Get your field prepped and reduce time in the field later when you need it the most. Check out the features of Summers rock pickers below and contact us for a quote of our in-stock units!

Model 700 Rock Picker

Summers Model 700 Rock Picker

When it comes to continuous rock pickers, tough isn’t good enough. It needs to be Field Tested Tough if you want something that holds up to years of abuse. Summers incorporates many heavy-duty features, such as planetary hydraulic direct drive and reinforced batts, to keep you running, whether your rocks are two inches in diameter or 20.

A field proven and field tested tough unit for continuous rock picking on almost all ground surfaces and soil conditions. Featuring operation ease and versatility from the Hydraulic Drive and batt trip action to the steep dump angle of the hopper. Check out the Contoured Tines for cleaner picking and the standard Hydraulic Swing Hitch for in-cab adjustment of machine position.

Steep Dump Angle

The rock picker is equipped with two 3-by-31-inch hydraulic cylinders with hardened shafts to tip the hopper. The system is designed with a 38-inch dump height and extra-steep dumping angle to ensure all rocks and debris are removed.


Heavy Duty Batts

The large-diameter reel is engineered with three reinforced batts for maximum durability. The batts feature a spring-loaded trip action, allowing them to operate damage-free in tough conditions. For added reliability, the batts pivot on greaseable steel pins within replaceable bushings.


Extra-Long Tines

The specially contoured picking tines are extra long, so more dirt can fall through before reaching the hopper.

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