Unverferth Wagons and Grain Carts

The Unverferth line of Grain Carts and Wagons are robust and ready to make you move through harvest. See more information below and request a quote today for an Unverferth Grain Cart or Wagon!

X-Treme Corner Auger Grain Carts

Take your harvest to the Extreme with the all-new 19-Series XTREME grain cart from Unverferth. Featuring an exclusive front-folding, single corner-auger with a forward reaching design, the 19-Series lineup of grain carts positions the downspout up to 6′ ahead of the hitch for an enhanced line of sight from the tractor cab. The upper auger folds diagonally across the front of the grain cart, permitting a longer upper auger which increases side reach and height. The all-new four-way downspout features an increased range of motion for added operator convenience. Available in 1330, 1100 and 1000 bushel carrying capacities with unloading speeds up to 650 bushels per minute! The Unverferth 19-Series XTREME grain cart features an innovative design that increases operator comfort, improves unloading accuracy and will make your harvest more efficient. The 19-Series XTREME grain carts can truly take your harvest to the extreme!

Corner Auger Grain Carts

Faster unloading speeds and increased auger reach and height!  The 60-Series, side-folding, corner-auger grain carts provide unloading speeds up to 500 bushels per minute and the fold design allows the upper auger to be longer, providing up to 9′ 9″ of auger side reach and up to 13′ of auger height depending on model.  Harvest efficiency is pushed to the max with 1,100 to 750 bushel capacities and an auger design that makes it easy to reach across ditches and fences, even over the tallest trucks and wagons.  The compact auger-fold design tucks under the side of the grain cart for ease of transport and storage.  An industry-leading design with a wide variety of undercarriage options and accessories.  A 60-Series grain cart can meet your operation’s demanding needs.

Dual Auger Grain Carts

The best part about owning an Unverferth grain cart is that you can unload your combine on the go and increase harvest efficiency. The best part about owning an Unverferth 2020, 1610, 1310 or 1110 grain cart is the dual-auger unloading power that transfers grain in a flash and gets you back to the combine faster than ever!

High Capacity Wagons

What’s the definition of quality when it comes to grain wagons? Try ours: Unverferth high-capacity grain wagons will still be making trips to town when the others aren’t good for much except temporary storage. Only Unverferth grain wagons are designed and built with the Innovative design and Quality manufacturing characteristics of durability, performance and convenience. Unverferth grain wagons are specifically designed to be pulled in tandem, fully loaded, and feature easy connections for convenient linking of units.

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